O.C.I.A. (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults)

OCIA: Classes meet in the Fall at Sacred Heart Parish Center.

Are you thinking of becoming Catholic? Would you like to know about the process of becoming Catholic? Our parish would like to assist you in your search for answers to questions you may have about the Catholic faith.

 What made you decide to seek information on becoming a Catholic?

Perhaps you are married to a Catholic…..or you have many friends who are Catholic…..you are interested in the teachings of the Church. It could be that you have a desire to experience the sacraments of the Church. Maybe you want to know Jesus Christ more fully and are seeking God. There are many ways that God calls a person into relationship with Jesus and we are happy to help you in this journey.

 The Process…..

The OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a process through which a person(s) gradually deepens their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and lives out their faith in the Catholic community. The RCIA process emphasizes personal conversion and a commitment to the Catholic way of life. 

 You may be wondering…..is the OCIA process for me?

The OCIA process is for three groups of people:

- Those who are not baptized (known as “catechumens”)

- Those who were baptized in another Christian denomination and want to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church

- Baptized Catholics who were not instructed in the Catholic faith and who have not completed their initiation through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

The latter two groups are known as “candidates”.

 For more information about the OCIA process here at Sacred Heart Parish,   please contact Elaine Forman at  951-1840.