BAPTISM - Please contact the parish office, 234-1691.

RECONCILIATION - Confessions are each Saturday in the church from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon, or by appointment.  Pleased call Fr. Jolly Pathiyamoola at 234-1691, ext. 113. 

EUCHARIST/CONFIRMATION - Children must be enrolled and participating in religious education classes or at Sacred Heart School to receive sacraments. Please contact Sr. Lucy Vadakkethala at 234-1691, ext. 7 or Mrs. Cecelia Stanley at Sacred Heart School, 234-3850 for more information.  (Adults please see R.C.I.A)

ANOINTING OF THE SICK - Please contact our  priest, after hours at 234-7585, or during regular business hours at their offices: Fr. Jolly Pathiyamoola at 234-1691, ext. 1.

MARRIAGE - Please contact the parish at least six months before you plan to marry.  Fr. Jolly Pathiyamoola at 234-1691, ext. 1.   If you have a question about a previous marriage, please contact the priest (above) or Sr. Lucy Vadakkethala at 234-1691, ext. 7